Take control of your Operational Technology

CyberPrism provides SaaS solutions using proprietary technology, underpinned by industry-leading technical practitioners to protect OT within Government, Maritime and Industrial markets. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective, client-specific solutions to protect your OT.

CyberPrism Platform

Our Platform reduces the resources required to re-establish safety and security in the face of current threats to vulnerable OT.  Incorporating OT compatible network visibility, alerting, incident response, and protection of devices and systems; it is low-risk, using tried and tested technology, and compatible with any OEM equipment.  Human experience and judgement are key to the Platform, which is backed by our proven expertise, borne out of decades protecting Critical National Infrastructure. We reduce the scale of the task and allow people to do what they do best:  take control.

 Building an OT-Compatible Cyber Security Platform

Products & Services



Guard protects OT from being infected with malware from connected IT networks on infrastructure, ships, utilities and process industries. The infection is isolated and the OT continues its crucial safety and control functions.

Guard can also protect legacy, unsupported and un-patchable devices from attack, eg MRI scanners in hospitals.



CyberMonitor is built on a core monitoring platform which is adapted and configured to detect threats and attacks on both IT and OT specific networks. It detects threats and attacks on the network, generates alerts and triggers incident management. Works with any manufacturer’s hardware and software.



CyberPrism’s Network Defence Service for IT and OT networks brings together CyberMonitor, the most effective monitoring and alerts system available, and CyberPrism’s best-in-class incident response planning and management service, in one cost-effective package.



CyberPrism provides a complete range of cyber security services and solutions supporting our products in the Energy, Maritime, Government sectors.

Our products and services provide the key elements of the NIST cyber security protocol: Identify – Protect – Detect – Respond – Recover. If necessary, the services can be delivered without face-to-face interaction.

Clients & Partners

National Grid
National Grid

Through our partners, Intqual-pro, we are delivering advanced cyber security training to National Grid personnel on a continuous basis.

UK Ministry of Defence

With QinetiQ, we have conducted cyber vulnerability investigations for both platforms and shore establishments. We are now working on AI – driven cyber defence for DSTL.


We have a partnership agreement with Everbridge for the integration of our monitoring system into Everbridge’s Critical Event Management system.

OSP Cyber Academy

We provide OT capability to OSP Cyber Academy and have developed an online OT security course with them which is applicable across a range of industries.


We supply our Network Defence incident response service, incorporating CyberMonitor, to Imrandd; a fast-growing data analytics company working primarily in the Energy sector.

Nihon Cyber Defence

NCD are key partners. We provide advice to the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force and will establish a knowledge transfer programme in spring/summer 2022.

UK National Health Service

We have worked with Templar Executives to deliver cyber vulnerability assessments and management systems to NHS trusts, and other health organisations.

Disney Cruise Line
Disney Cruise Line

We conducted the cyber security assessment of Disney Magic and await tasking on the rest of the fleet.

QinetiQ Training and Simulation

We are working with QinetiQ on DSTL’s Autonomous, Resilient Cyber Defence programme, exploring the use of AI in defending military networks and systems.

Warsash Maritime School

We are the cyber security partners of the world-renowned Warsash Maritime School. We developed their cyber security courses, and provide both on-site and online training.

ODE Group

We conducted a document – based assessment ahead of a HSE inspection and are now ODE’s OT cyber security TA for its global assets.

Harbour Energy
Harbour Energy

We conducted a full cyber security assessment of the Tolmount autonomous platform, having previously undertaken assessments of Premier Oil’s Asia operations and the Balmoral platform.