Cyber Security covers a complex set of inter-connected factors. It’s not just an IT problem and people are often the weakest link. As a first step Cyber Prism carries out a top-down Cyber Survey to identify all Cyber Assets and their Vulnerabilities and Threats, examining all aspects of Cyber including:

Asset Identification

Identify and document the Critical Cyber Assets.

Personnel & Training

Check monitoring, records and training of all personnel with access.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Review compliance with Standards, Procedures & Statutory Requirements.

Physical Security Controls

Review perimeter monitoring and logging of all personnel and outside parties.

Electronic Security Perimeters

Review the protection of the location of the Critical Cyber Assets.

Passive and Active tests to identify vulnerabilities

Passive and Active tests to identify vulnerabilities.

Hardware, Software and Control Systems (including IT)

Check Firewalls, Anti-virus, Patch upgrades, encrypted back-ups.

Security Operations Centre

Is a Security Operations Centre (CSOC) monitoring the systems?

Incidence Response & Reporting

Check systems for recording and responding to Cyber security incidents.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Is a Disaster Recovery Plan in place and how will data be recovered?

Third Party Management

Review supply chain security

Buildings & Transport Security

Check vulnerability of Building Management Systems and Critical Transport


Following the Cyber Survey, a comprehensive Report identifies the Critical Cyber Assets and their overall Cyber exposure including the vulnerabilities and the possible attack vectors. An Action Plan makes recommendations for the protection of the Critical Cyber Assets (including the IT systems), the buildings, facilities, sensitive data, communications and personnel and for the Response and Recovery in case of a Cyber-attack.

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