Embracing Cyber Security: My Journey with CyberPrism


Elisa from CyberPrism shares her experience of transitioning from the petrochemical industry to a thriving career in cyber security.

I joined CyberPrism in 2023, coming from a previous role within the petrochemical industry, where my interest in cyber security for Operational Technology began. It was apparent to me that many companies relying on OT systems for their day to day operations are lacking when it comes to protecting these systems, especially when utilising ageing OT systems.   

In recent times there has been much more focus on deliberate attacks targeting OT systems.  The aim of proactive protection is keeping close as possible to emerging threats is something I find very interesting. It’s great to be working with others that hold that same interest.  

Working at CyberPrism has been a rewarding experience for a few reasons. The one that resonates the most with me has been the opportunity for continuous learning and professional development, which I’ve been able to do by drawing on the expertise of my colleagues.  

Last month I was thrilled to have been accepted into Edinburgh Napier’s Graduate Apprenticeship scheme where I will work towards a BEng in Cyber Security. An exciting way to mark my one-year anniversary with the company!  

In my role, I’ve been able to build effective relationships with clients and gain a deep understanding of the problems and issues they face, enabling me to work towards providing the best possible solutions. This has involved a significant amount of stakeholder management, organisation, and forward thinking, which has been great for my professional development.  

From day one, I’ve been treated as a valued member of the team, actively participating in projects and integrating with clients. Joining the company during a period of growth has been particularly exciting, as it means there is a lot to look forward to and a diverse range of work activities. 

There is a welcoming and flexible working environment which is great for me, having ADHD it’s refreshing to have this recognised and with an environment in place where breaks are encouraged as important not just for me but for the whole team too. 

While we predominantly work remotely, our Managing Director does a great job of bringing us together at least once a month at our Aberdeen headquarters. It’s great catch up as a team and bouncing ideas off each other – something that can sometimes be challenging to achieve in a remote setting.

Get in touch for more information about a career with CyberPrism: contact@cyberprism.net