CyberMonitor gives you control – be aware of threats and attacks before they take effect – minimise cost – one system does it all.

CyberMonitor constantly collects information on IT and OT networks behaviour generating meaningful alerts in near-real-time through its integrated Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) component.

Alerts are received by CyberPrism for research, immediate action and delivery to the Client with appropriate advice on Client actions. The Client is able to access information through a portal given sufficient technical knowledge, but this is not necessary with the service provided by CyberPrism.


Bespoke control dashboard option for onsite or remote management, analysis and response

Ground-breaking data handling capability – collects any data from any IT and OT network-connected device

CyberMonitor performs the full range of network monitoring functions, replacing or complementing multi-system solutions

Machine learning and human calibration ensures meaningful alerts – unlike pure ‘AI’ systems, which can miss threats and generate high volumes of false alarms

Unlike many other systems, CyberMonitor alerts in real time, detecting indicators of reconnaissance ahead of an attack

Key features

CyberMonitor software is hosted on CyberPrism’s server: there is no need to place data collection software on the Client’s network when monitoring cloud-based IT systems

Anomalous behaviour and compromise indicators detected with alerts generated by Security Information & Event Management (SEIM) system

SEIM automatically triggers alarms and intititates the Incident Response Plan

Forensic data capture by default

Customisable reporting: only the data you need

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