Information Technology (IT) services (servers, laptops, desktops PCs) are increasingly connected to the same infrastructure as Operational Technology (OT) systems which manage the operating and safety functions of industrial or process application networks.

This interconnectivity provides a much better integrated user experience, but unfortunately brings with it the risks of cross-pollution of malware, viruses and ransomware.

ProcessGuardTM is an integrated network cyber security system that allows IT and OT systems to share resources and interact with each other safely. ProcessGuardTM also protects legacy equipment in an OT network where software patching is no longer viable.


Small, lightweight, and low power consumption platform combining firewall, gateway anti-virus, intrusion detection and a range of additional protection layers and complex service capabilities

Network Firewall filtering by source and destination IP & Geography destination, content and data rate

Provides granular control over source (IP address and geography), destination, content and data rate

Allows IT functions (email, web Browsing, etc) to operate safely without risk to the vital OT systems

Controlled access for OT systems to both IT systems and the internet for updating /patching of systems and remote support

All actions are logged, permitting anomaly or forensic analysis

The ProcessGuardTM platform may be used as secure host for multiple layers of 3rd party extra function software

Key features

Router preventing malware propagation

Gateway Antivirus for traffic between networks and inbound from the internet

Multiple VPN options – server or client

Management of time-limited access

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) – monitors the networks or systems for malicious activity or policy violations

NTP Server – applies consistent time to enable reading of multiple logs

Bandwidth control to guarantee Internet availability and Quality of Service (QoS)

Web Proxying with content filtering – reduces bandwidth consumption

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