Protection is required from the full range of threats including Hackers, Ransomeware, Trojans, Malware, Worms, Back-door Entry, etc which can exploit the vulnerabilities identified in the Critical Cyber Assets.

Cyber Prism uses the right combination of tools to harden systems, improve procedures and deliver appropriate levels of protection for the Critical Cyber Assets and the personnel against the full range of these threats. The tools available include:

Security Operations Centre / Remote monitoring

Firewalls / Anti-Virus / End Point Protection/BYOD

Access Control / Password Management

Software Security Updates / Patching

Insider Threat Monitoring & Detection

Spectrum Management / Cryptography / Communications Security

Open Source Intelligence Analysis (OSINT)

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Penetration Testing

Cyber Awareness for Executives

Staff Training & Mentoring

Supply Chain Security

IT Security Assessment

Buildings & Transport Security

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