Capgemini Knowledge Transfer


CyberPrism have just completed a series of multi-day knowledge transfer sessions with a total of 50+ delegates in syndicates of 8 from the Capgemini Inverness Security Operations Centre who undertook a mixture of lectures and practical exercises to reinforce the aims of the courses. With the expansion of their Operational Technology (OT) offering, Capgemini called upon CyberPrism to deliver training ranging from an overview of the technical differences between IT and OT, focusing on the challenges associated with securing legacy OT systems that may date from before some of the delegates were born, through to deep dives into the application of the Security of Networks & Information Systems (NIS) Regulations, the NCSC’s Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF), the Health & Safety Executives Cyber Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) Operational Guidance, and the ISA/IEC 62443 Series of Standards.